Outrage at Arsenal TV comments

Arsenal TV presenter Tom Watt made several inappropiate comments in his phone-in show after the 1-1 draw at the Emirates on Wednesday night. The Gooner’s presenter appeared to accuse Liverpool of rigging the referee amongst other disgraceful comments.

He, much like some of the ‘press’ today, claimed the fact referee Pieter Vink was from a town in Holland five minutes from Dirk Kuyt opens the result of the non-penalty award as being even more controversial. Watt took it all a step further though by calling on Arsenal fans to complain to Uefa and Michel Platini.

More disgracefully though he said words to the effect of ‘Kuyt probably met him at wedding and they plugged dykes together or whatever they do in Holland’. Impressive journalism if ever you saw it im sure you would agree. The panel, of ‘Shovell’ from M People and ex-Gooner Stewart Robson laughed and ‘easy’ to calm him down.

Mind that didn’t stop him, with Watt saying Kuyt is a terrible player and that he ‘couldn’t believe he scored against us’. He also went on to criticise Steven Gerrard, claiming he shirked his defensive duties (yes, whilst being played in an attacking midfield role).

Watt shouldn’t have sounded so bitter though as he went on to tell viewers they had nothing to fear about the second leg as they were the best team for 75 minutes and due to having beat us in the Cup games last season they will get through to the semis. He obviously forgot Peter Crouch’s demolition job in the League at Anfield last season.

Maybe Watt was trying to enforce what Kop magazine said last week, that Arsenal are just a southern Everton.

  • Watt’s comments, along with the rest of the talking points from last night’s match, will be discussed on the next TIA podcast which will be available on Friday.