Support for Parry as he brands Hicks offensive

The latest development in the Anfield Civil War has seen something most fans wouldn’t have imagined possible a year ago – them giving their backing to chief executive Rick Parry.

It was almost a year ago that Parry came under huge criticism for the handling of tickets for the Champions League final and many have long noted his transfer fumbling which has apparently seen us miss out on a few targets in the past. But those failings of Parry’s are much less than the failings of the man who now wants him out.

Tom Hicks is the cancer of Liverpool Football Club, Parry is merely a mild cold in comparison.

And as reports of just why Hicks has choosen this time to further unsettle the club – the same week we qualified for the Champions League semi final for the third time in four years. A time when, as Parry stated on Friday morning, the focus should be on the team, manager and players as we all look forward to the rest of the season.

Hicks’ timing with this development further shows he lacks knowledge to be in the position he is, and that he lacks any sort of people skills. While the Texan businessman sat in his baseball bunker instead of being at Anfield for the biggest night in the club’s season, Parry was sat alongside co-owner George Gillett.

Henry Winter writes in The Telegraph this morning “The word on Merseyside is that Hicks demanded Parry’s resignation as a tit-for-tat against George Gillett, the other co-owner who had ticked off Ian Ayre, the club’s commercial director much admired by Hicks, before Tuesday’s Champions League vanquishing of Arsenal.” Further giving insight into the childish mind of Hicks in this bitter fued which the club, fans and Parry have been dragged into.

While The Times write: “Although Parry was seeking legal advice last night, it appears that Hicks has failed in his bid to remove him, with his estranged co-owner, George Gillett Jr, unwilling to support any motion to force out the chief executive. One source at Anfield said that Hicks had ‘œtried to flex his muscles and ended up showing that he is a lot less powerful at this club than he likes to think’, before casting doubts on the Texan’s ability to raise the funds needed to buy out Gillett.”

Parry said this morning the letter is offensive to the manager, players and fans during the week the attention should be on them. He said:

“No individual, certainly not me, is bigger than the club. The club will be fine but once again it shows there’s a little bit of a lack of unity at the top. I’m just getting on the with the job.”

It’s amazing how much changes in a year, last May in Athens who would have thought we’d have a situation like this on our hands?

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