RTK to extend Kop ‘singing section’

Last summer, fans group RTK (Reclaim The Kop) gained permission from the club to create a ‘singing section’ in block 306 of The Kop. Season ticket holders where given the opprtunity to move into the RTK area.

Now LFC have allowed RTK to increase the size of the area by expanding it into blocks 304 and 305 aswell as 306. The following is the announcement from RTK:

quoteAs most of you will have noticed this season, a few hundred season ticket holders relocated to the back of the Kop, and 306 has become their home. When the old adult / child area was moved to the Anfield Road End, the club offered RTK the chance to move their season tickets into these now vacant seats, and gave us a platform to try and improve the atmosphere at Anfield.

We feel it has been a great success, even with the relatively small numbers we have in Block 306 at the minute. The club also agree that the initiative has been a great success and we have been in discussions with them about the next steps over the past few months.

From those discussions, we are delighted to inform you that we have agreement and cooperation from the club in expanding the current core of Season Ticket holders in block 306, and opening up Blocks 304 and 305 to all Season Ticket holders that wish to move there for next season.

There will be a leaflet sent out to all season ticket holders with their renewal forms, offering everybody a chance to move their season tickets into Blocks 304, 305 or 306. If you want to move your existing season ticket from the Main Stand into 306, and to be relocated next to friends that are currently sat in the Kemlyn – then just include all of your details together on the same application letter with your renewal forms, and the Ticket Office will relocate all those season tickets together in Block 304, 305 or 306, whichever you request, and subject to availablity.

The difference that Block 306 has made this season has been noted by the club, and everyone at Anfield this season will have noticed the change. Now is time to improve upon that and build on the foundations that have been put in place. If you’re fed up sitting in The Main Stand in silence and want to be up there at the back of The Kop instead, then get those change of seat applications in this summer and join the party.

There are just under 2,000 seats available for season ticket holders to move into. Lets get them seats filled and make Anfield and The Kop as it used to be. An iconic stand within an iconic stadium, revered the world over. This is a massive chance to take Anfield to a new level and make the League atmosphere rival those we can produce on European nights. Let’s have 2,000 fans at the back roaring the side on every week and wake the sleeping giant below.

The success we’ve had in Europe, as well as being down to the manager the players, we’ve also played a massive part in the stands. It’s time to make that effort for League games as well. This is the start of trying to do that. We want number 19 sooner rather than later, we can at least do our bit.

Get the word out there. Talk to your mates. Get together. Get moving. Get organised. Get up to the back of the Kop.

As for the non-season ticket holders that have been getting their tickets up in 305 and 306 all season – thank you. You’ve been brilliant all year. Once the number of season ticket holders is known that have requested a move into these blocks, then the selling details for the seats remaining will be addressed again. It is RTK’s idea to have these tickets sold differently to others, giving those non-season ticket holding fans a chance to get up there as well. We’ll cross that bridge when more details are known about the amount of season ticket holders moving.

It’s been a good year in the stands, lets make this next one even better.quote