The Greatest Fans in the World

Like every other Reds supporter all around the world I was feeling pretty low at the end of the semi final second leg against Chelsea. Our superb second half performance left me feeling really positive for the extra time. When Essien’s goal was disallowed for offside the sense of destiny got even stronger. Then in the space of a few minutes we went from having an advantage to being 3-1 down. Sami Hyppia’s pace let him down when he gave away the penalty and with Frank Lampard inspired by his late mother he was never going to miss. Then Riise (in surely his last big game for Liverpool) completely went to sleep looking for offside and an uphill struggle became a climb up Mount Everest. Ryan Babel’s thirty five yard goal gave us hope for the last two minutes, but with no Torres on the pitch it was never going to happen for us.

It was after the game had ended that I once again found out just what Liverpool fans are made of. Within minutes of the final whistle, instead of crying and complaining, there was a mass and impromptu singing of ‘˜You’ll Never Walk Alone’ in the pub (G Sport). In a reminder of last May’s defeat in Athens, a group of us stayed behind in the pub. For about four hours we loudly and raucously sang LFC songs over and over again until we were hoarse. It is this type of spirit that makes Liverpool fans the best in the world, in my opinion. I’ve lived in a few countries and experienced many big sporting events from test match cricket, to various international rugby events. I can honestly say that I doubt that there are many fans of any team of any sport around the world that can match us Reds for passion.

The owner of The G Sport pub, Dave, said after the Chelsea game that the cheers for Torres’s goal were the loudest he’d ever heard before. After the second leg versus Arsenal, he told me that he wished the fans of the local ice hockey team (Vancouver Canucks) had even a half of the passion that us Liverpool fans show.

I’ve watched Liverpool games with Reds fans all over the world in many places including Merseyside, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and Canada. I have discovered that no matter where you are in the world and no matter where the fans come from, the spirit of Liverpool seems to bring out an intense passion in those afflicted with a Kop fever. It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, if you are with Liverpool fans you are guaranteed to be with some of the greatest people you will ever meet.

There has been many occasions this season during which I have felt proud to be a Red, and this has been because of our great fans. The Champions League run was great and the atmosphere at the G Sport for each game in the knockout stage was brilliant. The huge turnouts for the Everton games and the recent game against Man Utd were all memorable too. Having the Vancouver Liverpool Supporters Club and having such great fans to share these games with makes me feel so happy. It is the wonderful group of Reds fans over here that have cured the homesickness that I felt after first leaving Merseyside to move to Vancouver. Even though I am thousands of miles away from Merseyside, the terrific group of people I get to share my weekend mornings and midweek lunches with make me feel part of a big extended family. A big family of Reds no matter where we all come from.

As long as I’m a Liverpool supporter I know that I will never walk alone.