Forum Focus: Anfields Greatest European Night

As part of the TIA Days We’ll Remember all our Lives countdown we’ll be looking back at some of Anfields greatest European Nights…. This week on the TIA forums we have been finding out which game TIA Forum members think is the greatest European Night at Anfield….

Anfield has seen many memorable famous European nights ‘“ nights of tension, drama, elation, frustration and sheer jubilation – great Anfield European nights that would have immortality bestowed on them!

From our record win against Strømsgodset to the night Mark Walters wrote his name into Anfield folklore forever against Auxerre or who will ever forget David Fairclough’s goal against St. Etienne, or the emotional scenes during our 7-0 win over Oulu Palloseura when during the whole of the second half the Kop sang Shankly’s name to the tune of Amazing Grace who had passed away the previous day. Maybe its the never to be forgotten scenes back in 1965 against Inter Milan, or the recent Olympiacos, Chelsea, Arsenal, Juventus or Real Madrid games….

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Here’s a selection of views from TIA Forum Members…

“Olympiacos ’05, simply because our backs were against the wall, we needed to win by two goals which didn’t seem unrealistic at the start of the night but when Rivaldo scored the free kick we all started worrying. What I love about it is the two lesser known heroes that night, Mellor and Sinama both scored a crucial goal each and both players were only squad players, makes you think Nemeth or Pacheco could do it too. When you look at Mellor and Sinama that night there didn’t seem that much between them but look how things panned out. Will we ever forget Andy Gray that night? Istanbul is always talked about as the greatest night in LFC history, but where would we be now without that ”lovely cushioned header for Gerrard”. Every Liverpool fan knows where they where for that moment and will never forget it. Quite simply unforgettable.”


“Its got to be Chelsea ’05 for me, the newly crowned Champions of England coming to Anfield, the ‘untouchable’ Mourinho coming to Anfield, it was the first European Cup semi-final to be played at Anfield since ’84 (21 years!). Everybody wrote us off, Chelsea were as confident as ever because they thought with their squad of millions there would be no stopping them winning the European Cup and to do that they had to win at Anfield. Phil Thompson’s response to Mourinho’s claim that “99% of Liverpool fans think their through” summed up how allot of Liverpool fans were thinking before the match, “Mourinho’s wrong, 100% of Liverpool fans think they are through”. The atmosphere as the game just started was electric as the crowd knew that they may never see another night like this again, Luis Garcia’s “goal” set the KOP up for a night never to forget as it seemed the controversy over the goal made Anfield even louder. When the board went up and read 6 added minutes everyone started to worry. As soon as the ball fell to Gudjonsen on the edge of the box the feeling was that it was over, it was too good to be true, but it went centimeters wide of the post and as soon as that happened everyone knew that this was Liverpool’s night. 2007 wasn’t quite as special as Chelsea knew what was coming and so did most in the ground, that’s not to say that that night wasn’t special either!”


“Its got to be Saint Etienne for me, 6 minutes remaining and Liverpool were on their way out of the European Cup when up popped David Fairclough and what a goal it was! Anfield had rarely seen the atmosphere and tension as they had this night on March 16th 1977. The frantic atmosphere and spine tingling emotions was one of the most inspiring ever witnessed at Anfield as Liverpool held out to win 3-2 on aggregate. “Que Sera, sera, whatever will be, will be, we’re going to Italy, que sera, sera’¦..” Liverpool progressed to the semi’s and then onto the final where they would eventually bring the European Cup home to Anfield for the very first time.”


“Has to be the St. Etienne quarter final of 77. It was a turning point, the night when the fans really did know we were the best team in Europe. Every quality we are renowned for, the fighting spirit, the pass and move football, the never say die attitude and the intimidating atmosphere was evident. That season we crystallized all of the promise, produced the fabled trophy for the Anfield trophy room, and laid the foundation for the next decade. Dalglish, Souness and Hanson would sign within a year of that game. It was magic. I remember for the first time in my life I wished I was a bit older so that I could go to the pub and celebrate properly!”

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