No. 26 – The Day King Kenny Arrived

No. 26 – The Day King Kenny Arrived

Number 26 in our Days we’ll Remember all our Lives Countdown brings us back to the 10th August 1977, the day a new Kop legend had just arrived at Anfield ‘“ the greatest footballer in Liverpools history, Kenny Dalglish.

Kenny arrived from Parkhead for £440,000, then a record fee between British clubs and on inheriting Kevin Keegan’s No.7 shirt he set about establishing himself as the best in England. ‘Let’s get out of here, before they realise what they’ve done.’ Those were Bob Paisley‘s words to Liverpool chairman John Smith as the pair left the meeting with Celtic officials at which the transfer of Kenny Dalglish to Anfield had been agreed.

It was Bob Paisleys most canny excursion into the transfer market, Bob later commented “I just hoped that after the trials and tribulations of my early years in management, someone up high would smile on me and guide my hand. My plea was answered when we got Kenny Dalglish. What a player, what a great professional.”

Kevin Keegan had just left Liverpool and his famous number 7 shirt was going to take some filling, not only did Dalglish fill it, he took the aura surrounding that famous number 7 red jersey to a far higher level.

Dalglish playing days left us with many memorable moments…. the FC Bruges 1978 European Cup Final ‘“ a night that the travelling Kop crowned Dalglish as their King, the 1981 League Cup Final winner, his West Ham goal, the 1985/86 Championship winner at Stamford Bridge and his magical 172 goals in 515 games…..

What Dalglish went on to achieve as Liverpool manager cemented his legendary status. His double in 1986 was followed by league titles in 1988 and 1990, with another all-Merseyside Cup triumph in 1989.

Kenny Dalglish has always been spoken of as one of the greatest figures to ever grace Anfield, not just a great player and manager but also a great and humble man. Where once we watched the King Kenny play ‘“ and he could play, he brought us glory round the field of Anfield Road…..

Kenny Dalglish‘s Liverpool Honours:

First Division Championship : 1978/79, 1979/80, 1981/82, 1982/83, 1983/84, 1985/86 (player/manager), 1987/88 (player/manager),
1989/90 (player/manager)
FA Cup : 1986 (player/manager), 1989 (manager)
Charity Shield : 1977 (shared), 1979, 1980, 1982, 1986 (shared)
European Super Cup :
Screen Sport Super Cup : 1986 (player/manager)
European Cup : 1978, 1981 & 1984

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