Reina prepared to risk defeats

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina believes the Reds’ two defeats early in this season will count for nothing if they can avoid drawing regularly, like they did last campaign.

Rafa Benitez’s men have started the season with two wins and two defeats, drawing criticism from areas of the media saying they are already out of the Premier League title race.

But Reina believes that it’s all a question of maths and if they can take the risks to win some of the games they would otherwise draw, then a few defeats along the way aren’t a massive problem.

“People say we have lost as many games this season as we did in the whole of last season. But last season our biggest problem was drawing games,” he told the club’s official magazine.

“Those draws meant that we could have drawn the two games, went the season unbeaten in the league, but still not won it. I would rather have lost six of those 11 games and won the other five. Then we’d have finished level on points with United and maybe have won it on goal difference.

“People can point to defeats, but I feel it’s draws that make it more difficult. One thing that became clear to everyone at the club before this season started was that we must take more risks if we want to win the league. Even if it means losing a few more games, particularly at home.

“In the short-term that may disappoint a few people but in the long term, it’s better to cut out the draws.

“In a league where there is three points for a win, for teams trying to win the title, it’s definitely draws that make it more difficult.”

Liverpool next face Burnley in the Premier League at Anfield on September 12th.