Everyone at Liverpool is firmly behind Rafa

Liverpool club ambassador and legend Kenny Dalglish says everybody at the club has no doubt that Rafa Benitez is the right man for the job at Anfield.

Benitez has come under immense criticism and pressure following a four game losing streak with the team ready to face Premier League leaders Manchester Utd this Sunday.

But Dalglish says players’, staff and fans’ support for Benitez will help the club through this tricky period.

He said, “Everyone within the upper echelons of this club has no doubt whatsoever about Rafa – I know that for a fact.

“Everybody at Liverpool Football Club knows Rafa is the right man to get the club through this.

“No-one is pumped up and panicking in any way, shape or form. Everyone is being as helpful and supportive as they possibly can be to the manager.

“Obviously, whether you’re a manager or a player, you have to retain your confidence and belief in what you are doing.

“You have also got to retain your belief in each other. The manager has to retain belief in his players and the players must retain their confidence in the manager.

“It’s very important that everybody sticks together to get themselves through this.”