Liverpudlian: If we can keep our heads…

The obsession and favourite pastime in the sporting press at the moment is sticking the knife firmly into the back of our manager and don’t those “experts” just love it? Four bad results and all those long standing gripes are out in the open again now, nothing held back and all of a sudden we are a club in crisis again. Those of us who are a “bit long in the tooth” have seen it all before of course with an acceptance that the anti –Liverpool agenda, that is rife in the London and Manchester based media, remains an ongoing occupational hazard if you choose to follow our club.

Now prior to the start of the season, my article on this very site pleaded for a common cause in that we ( supporters and those with the club at heart) would just let the team and management get on with the job in hand and reserve judgement for fear of compromising morale (whether results went our way or not). Of course I never expected for one second that debate would not go on, either way, but the level of vitriol from failed footballers who have found themselves in a position to comment staggers me. Now I can accept reasoned argument and constructive criticism but when it is basically just putting the boot in to create headlines, then they can just fuck off.

Of course they are paid to be controversial but sadly even some of our fans have chosen to dignify their outpourings with a response that does our club no favours whatsoever. By doing so, it is merely justifying their position and salary and maintaining a lifestyle they do not deserve. Sure, we are having a bad run, yes, we all have our opinions – that is the name of the game, free speech etc etc and that is why we follow our team. However, the opinion of some gobshite sitting behind a microphone or a keyboard, full of their own importance, should be of no relevance or interest whatsoever. Treat the bastards with the contempt they deserve- it is our club and has fuck all to do with them – their jobs are to be just a mouthpiece and most of them have another agenda and almost universally will have suffered either on or off the pitch to our club in the past. We have to accept what they do but we do not have to like it and endorsing them in any way, affects our club directly or otherwise.

These are the same idiots who vilify us because we are not interested in internationals and “Ingerlund” in particular but then are hypocritical enough to criticise our team when we lose due to the absence of players injured on international duty. Fuck them, don’t buy their paper, listen to their station or watch their show, if they want to talk bollocks then let them do so but don’t dignify them with your attendance or worst of all a response.

Siege mentality has served us well, in the past at times, like this. It is the Liverpool way to keep issues in house. Sure I will always listen to comment from our own fans and take it on board but even criticism on our own websites can and is being used against us currently. The last thing we need at the moment is disharmony within the rank and file supporters. Yes, have your say, but keep a detached look at the possibility of friendly fire in your comments. O.K I am not suggesting for one minute that we all follow the party line and pretend everything in the garden is smelling of roses but a sense or proportion is required here and not the sort of knee jerk reaction prevalent at the moment. There has been enough hot air lately to blow up a million beach balls and we know what happens then when they get in the way, don’t we?