Rafa calls on fan support

Rafa Benitez is keen to put yesterday’s debacle of a match behind him, and just look forward. Trying to move on from all the beach ball talk, and focus solely on the upcoming Champions League group match against Lyon.

To this end, he has re-iterated how important the European nights are at Anfield, and has called for the backing of us, the fans:

“Our fans know the Champions League is a special competition and for us it has been amazing.“The atmosphere in the Champions League has always been good for our team, especially when we are under pressure.

“Anfield will be a key factor for us. We need the fans behind us. They are the best in the world.”

We need the fans behind us. Wise words from the Spaniard, and one we would all do well to remember. Tuesday night is not a night to be on the terraces, calling for Rafa’s head. Or Lucas’s or anyone elses for that matter. We need to get behind the team – and the team includes the Gaffer.

Lyon will be tough opponents. While they deserve respect for all their acheivements in Ligue 1, and their recent Hillsborough tribute – we have to show them no mercy.

If we are to quickly put the Sunderland match behind us, the team needs a comprehensive victory over our French cousins, and we the fans need to put all our efforts into helping the team Tuesday night, and make it another of our world famous European nights. The roar of the crowd. The Kop sucking the ball into the opponents net. The opposing team almost frightened to actually come out and play!

Let us look to the future, not dwell on the past. Let us heed Rafa’s call, leave yesterday in the memory of matches we’d all rather forget, and look ahead to Tuesday night. Let us get behind the team, and back them for a decent result against Lyon.

And let us hope there’s no beach balls at Anfield this time!