Benitez points to figures to show Liverpool’s progress

Rafa Benitez has hit back at critics who suggest that Liverpool are taking steps backwards rather than forwards.

Ahead of this weekend’s Premier League clash at Anfield where the Reds will meet the richest side in the Premier League, Manchester City, Benitez has used the figures to show how much the club has come on since he took the manager’s job in 2004.

In a series of interviews in The Times, Rafa said “In 2004 the squad was worth, what, £100 million? Now perhaps we have one player worth that,” he said. “The whole squad? Maybe £250 million.

“The club was nearly sold for £85 million five years ago. Now the price is £500 million. We must be doing something right.

“We are much better now than we were three years ago in every single thing — in the commercial department, the marketing department, in football.”

“The majority of the fans, especially the ones who go to the stadium, realise the team is working and improving, and is better than before. To achieve 86 points in the league last season is part of the progression. The direction of the club is right. But everyone wants to win and we are disappointed when we don’t win any game or any trophy.”

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