Contrasting reports on ‘coach trip’ for Reds

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Some websites and media this afternoon are reporting Liverpool are likely to embark on a 2,600 mile round trip for their match in Madrid this week.

Such a journey would take almost 24 hours each way and probably involve an overnight stop somewhere on the way. That seems desperately unlikely given that the Reds are in action at Anfield against West Ham this evening.

So these reports are suggesting Rafa Benitez’s squad will set-off shortly after playing a Premier League match, travel 1,300 miles on a coach immediately after, suffering the effects that would place upon the body.

Then arrive in Madrid on Tuesday evening, have Wednesday to recover and prepare for the match on Thursday. Then travel the same route and time back to Merseyside, arriving on Friday evening at the earliest – less than 48 hours before their match with Burnley on Sunday.

Anyone else thinking this is complete nonsense at this point?

The Liverpool Echo reported this morning: “Liverpool have ruled out a marathon coach trip to Madrid due to the demands it would place on the players.”

Instead, other options such as attempting to fly from airports in Scotland or Ireland, are being explored.

A Liverpool spokesman said “At the moment we are just monitoring the situation and we are hoping matches will take place as scheduled.”

BREAKING NEWS: UEFA have confirmed the game will go ahead. So, answers on a postcard as to how the Reds will get there…