Supporters attempt to force out Hicks

Liverpool supporters are being urged to come together against a common goal – the removal of American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

Following the news over the weekend that Hicks has been, and still is, attempting to remain in control of the club, despite the club being officially placed “for sale” back in April, and despite acting chairman Martin Broughton’s claims that a buyer would be found by the end of August.

Hicks’ latest actions have further confirmed his lies and now supporters must unite as one in order to prevent a refinancing deal that would likely see another two years of hardship under the American’s reign.

The Liverpool Supporters Union, Spirit of Shankly, have announced plans for protests to take place prior to and following the next two home fixtures, against Sunderland and Blackpool.

Meanwhile, supporters are being urged to contact the chief executive of The Royal Bank of Scotland, Stephen Hester, in order to urge RBS to force out the American duo who have saddled the club with debts they promised not to.

The past four transfer windows have seen Liverpool with a negative net spend. The club’s debt is currently close to £300m, with reports of huge interest payments and penalties. Debt rose by £20.8m in one month alone this summer. A new stadium remains years away. The lack of investment in the squad leaves the possibility of star players leaving.

All supporters attending Saturday’s match with Sunderland are urged to remain in the ground after the game and make your voice heard. Do your part to save the club we love.

Stand up and be counted, YOUR club has never needed you more.

This is OUR club not theirs.

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