Statement from Liverpool FC regarding court victory

Liverpool Football Club have issued a statement in reaction to the Royal Bank of Scotland’s victory in court today.

The Royal Bank of Scotland defeated current owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett, with no appeal allowed – paving the way for the club to be sold and end the debt problems.

The statement reads:

We are delighted that the court has clarified the issue of board composition and has removed the uncertainty around the sale process.

We will now be consulting with our lawyers and planning for a board meeting tonight. A further statement will be made in due course.

Former Liverpool striker David Fairclough has spoken of his delight at the news of the victory in court for the club today.

Fairclough, speaking to Sky Sports News outside Anfield said, ‘m sure the current board have really considered and taken every detail. They’ve done their due diligence, I’m certain of that.

“They’ve not taken this decision to accept John Henry‘s bid on a whim. I’m sure it’s been closely looked at and now the fans will be keen to know exactly how they see the club moving forward.

“I think they’re respected businesspeople in American sport. Certainly their reputation seems to indicate that they’re well appreciated and they’ve got many plaudits from their current ownerships.

“Their reputation goes before them and the fact the Liverpool board have researched them and referenced that the money is there and checked how they are going to finance the club, they are very happy with that.”

The news have been met with emotional joyous scenes outside the high court in London. Get the latest fans reaction in our forums