Hodgson responds to fans’ criticism pleading for support

Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson has responded to the growing criticism and anger amongst Liverpool supporters over his management regime.

Last night’s 1-0 defeat to Wolves at Anfield was met at the final whistle with disgruntled boos as Reds fans watched their side slip to an eighth league defeat of the season and finish 2010 just three points above the relegation zone.

“The fans have left angry and that’s understandable. We’ve let them down,” said Hodgson. “I have to hope the fans will become supporters because we need support. We are not deliberately losing games.

“I am getting used to it, that is the way it is.”

He added that he’s always felt he’s had to work harder to win fans approval, since he was awarded the job at Anfield over club legend and former manager Kenny Dalglish.

As well as ironic chants calling “Hodgson for England,” Dalglish’s name was also sung from the Kop on Wednesday night as a potential suitor to sort out the club’s problems.

“We’ve had to live with that for quite a long time now as ever since I came here the famous Anfield support has not really been there.

“There were the problems with the owners, then Kenny being so popular and not getting the job and it being given to me.

“It is sad and I don’t like hearing those things because I am trying to do the best job I can do.

“As manager, you take responsibility for that so I have to take that criticism on the chin as well.

“You have seen these players before. They are just not playing like they have done in the past so I think it is time for the fans to really help as well.

“It is not for lack of trying that we are not winning matches.

“Maybe we are lacking quality and lacking confidence – the negativity doesn’t help. The players are not getting on the ball for fear of making mistakes.”