Souness “sorry” over The Sun interview

Former Liverpool player and boss Graeme Souness has spoken of his regret at giving an interview to The Sun newspaper back in 1992.

Souness said he was sorry for the offence he caused, so soon after The Sun had published despicable lies in their reporting of the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster.

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The interview was published on April 15th, 1992, the third anniversary of the disaster.

He said on Sky Sports this weekend, “I accept I made one almighty rick by doing The Sun newspaper.

“At the time I didn’t  realise the strength of feeling against the Sun newspaper. When I was manager of Liverpool, there were players in my team dealing with the Sun newspaper. There were ex-players dealing with that newspaper.

“My problem was that I agreed to do an exclusive with them. The thing that really killed me, and makes me sad today is that the last thing I want to do is upset any Liverpool supporter – especially the people damaged by Hillsborough – in whatever shape of form.

“So I hold my hands up. I’m still a Liverpool supporter. They are still my team. There is no one who hurts more than me whenever the Hillsborough thing is mentioned. It hurts me because I had a great time as a player at Liverpool and I’d like to think I had a great relationship with the supporters at the time, and it hurts me.

“I can only apologise and it’s something I have to live with.”

For more information on Liverpool fans’ boycott of The Sun, please visit Don’t Buy The Sun.

For more information on the Hillsborough Disaster, the consequences and the fight for justice, please visit the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and the Hillsborough Family Support Group.