Rafa Benitez’s heart captured by Liverpool FC

Former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez remains firmly red through and through, saying he intends to keep his family on Merseyside and wishing one day he could return to the club.

Whilst giving his full support to Kenny Dalglish‘s turnaround of the club in recent months, the Spaniard said a return one day to Anfield would be a dream come true.

“I am really proud of being the manager of Liverpool Football Club and I would like to come back in the future,” Benitez told Sky Sports News.

“You never know when because Kenny is doing a really good job. It’s a question of time. You never know in the future.

“It would be a dream. I would be really pleased to come back in the future.”

Benitez added that due to his loyalty to the club there is no way he could ever manage one of the club’s rivals, out of respect for the Liverpool fans.

He continued, “Fans in Liverpool know the teams I would not go [to] but I think these clubs wouldn’t offer me a job.

“I’m a professional but obviously some clubs I would not go to, especially the big rivals of Liverpool. I won’t say the names, but it’s not difficult!”

The club appeared to have the same effect on Benitez’s predecessor Gerard Houllier, who, just before joining Aston Villa earlier this season, took the opportunity to return to the manager’s dug out at Anfield for Jamie Carragher’s testimonial.

On losing to Liverpool 3-0 just weeks later with Villa, Houllier told press after the game, “At least if we had to lose, it was to them.”