Liverpool FC – The Times They Are A-Changin’

I can recall, not long after the summer of 2010 began, being massively optimistic for this season. A new manager, a new system, Torres (who?) and Gerrard were going nowhere, talk of a takeover, it was quite an exciting summer, to begin with.

Fast forward about nine months and things couldn’t have changed any further!. Torres has gone somewhere (where?), Gerrards out for the season, Roy’s packed his bags quicker than he set them down and the Second Coming of the King finally happened; the complete makeup of our club is so much different. You would think in nine months, a club like Liverpool couldn’t be just-about rebuilt from the floor up.

Well, since King Kenny’s arrival in January, the club has seen a complete facelift. When John W. Henry ad co bought Liverpool in October 2010, a huge, HUGE, weight was lifted off our shoulders. Debt cleared, corrupt shysters in charge gone, and in the January window, yes a club icon of recent times, but also probably the biggest disruptive influence we could have had at the time, left the club and was replaced with what many Liverpool fans, myself included in all honesty, as two of the three piece set that will lead Liverpool’s attack for years to come.

Well if you thought that the last few months have been topsy turvey, I’d happily put money on the next few being even more of a head rush.
In Andy Carroll, Liverpool has potentially one of the greatest forwards in the world. He’s got all the characteristics to succeed here. He’s huge for a start, I can’t see too many defenders putting Carroll off, his games intelligent and can only improve, his finishing skills are very impressive, he’s a machine in the air, he works hard and seems to have a real determination and in Dalglish the perfect mentor awaits.

Carrolls little partner, as everybody knows the big man must be accompanied by a smaller, faster figure or it just isn’t a proper footballing strikers partnership!, Luis Suarez, has really impressed since moving to Liverpool from Ajax Amsterdam. A creative and industrious little talent, he is the perfect partner for Carroll, be it in a front two or a front three. He harries people from all over the camp, he’s so explosive you never know what he’s going to do next, he can use both feet well, has one of the most magnificent strike records about, and again, has that mental side to his game that you can see he is not going to give up – winning team

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