Liverpool fans 40% louder under Dalglish, new study claims

Liverpool fans have once again been found to be the loudest fans in the Premier League, a study by the Fan Chants web site has shown.

The site previously had Stoke City fans as the loudest, but the Liverpool crowd’s noise has risen in volume by 40% since Kenny Dalglish was appointed caretaker boss in January.

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Add to that a big surge in form of late and Liverpool are clear loudest in the league, well ahead of arch rivals Manchester Utd.

The tests were conducted by taking measurements in decibles at each of the club’s home grounds, game by game, and averaged throughout the season.

Suprisingly, Stamford Library came as high up as 9th in the league table of loud fans.

Full table
1 Liverpool 97 decibels
2 Man Utd 94
3 Aston Villa 89
4 Everton 86
5 Blackpool 85
6 Stoke 83
7 Newcastle 82
8 West Ham 81
9 Chelsea 80
10 Sunderland 80
11 Arsenal 77
12 Wigan 72
13 Man City 71
14 Tottenham 70
15 Blackburn 67
16 Birmingham 70
17 Bolton 69
18 Wolves 69
19 West Brom 67
20 Fulham 65