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Liverpool FC Managing Director Ian Ayre says the club’s lack of involvement in the Champions League will not have any implications on decisions over the new stadium.

The club’s owners are still looking for the right business model to go with over either the redevelopment of the current Anfield, or a new stadium of nearby Stanley Park.

However, Ayre, who announced Kenny Dalglish is now the permanent team manager of the club today, says not qualifying for the Champions League two seasons in a row doesn’t make much difference.

He said, “One of the things that people have been really critical of the club about over the past few years was making rash statements and then not living up to them.

“The dictation on the stadium will be about finding the right financial model.

“We are very fortunate that Champions League or no Champions League, we fill our stadium – that’s what will dictate our ability to build a new stadium or refurbish Anfield.

“It’s not dependent upon the Champions League. We’d all like to see it but that’s not part of the decision-making on the stadium.”

With the capture of Dalglish and Steve Clarke’s signatures today, the owners are ticking all the right boxes. All eyes on a decision over the stadium, and this summer’s transfer kitty now.

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