Liverpool FC fans delight in Everton semi-final

Liverpool fans have welcomed the news that the club will face local rivals Everton in the FA Cup Semi-Final at Wembley Stadium on April 14th.

Everton beat Sunderland 2-0 at the Stadium of Light on Tuesday night in the FA Cup 6th Round Replay to secure their place in the semi-finals.

It is the first time the two sides have met in an FA Cup Semi-Final since 1977 and Reds fans from Merseyside and around the world have embraced the forthcoming tie.

Here are just a sample of comments from fans on the FA Cup Semi-Final fixture from our forums. Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments below, on our Liverpool FC forums, on Twitter @thisisanfield or on Facebook.

“Pleased it’s Everton – I think Sunderland may have provided us with more problems. Should be a great day out!” north jet

“Guaranteed to be a 1230/1245 KO. Those c**** at the FA will want us in and out of London as quickly as possible.” tafkad

“Great. Should give us a real lift to end the season if we can beat them.” MichaelScott

“Should be a hell of a game, one of two that I shall be enthused about watching for the rest of this season. Would love hearing the “Merseyside, Merseyside, are you watching manchester?” chant again but there’s no chance of that happening nowadays.” DeathOrGlory

“Hopefully Moyes will put out the same team he did last time….doubt it. Delighted with this, a final against them would be epic but I will have to settle for this and then beating the chavs in the final.” Showdown

“Happy with this. Another derby to look forward to and hopefully a similar result as last time round in the league! Would have been more worried against Sunderland as we have been average when facing them this season and also the fact that some players may still have underestimated them come the semi-final.” liverpool_singh

“Im glad its Everton, for one main reason, cause the players consider the Everton fixture to be a big game, and they will atleast turn up for it. The occasion isnt enough, the opposition counts. We always turn up for the derby, like we did a few days back.” sami

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