Fans react to “overpaid enigma” Comolli’s Liverpool FC departure

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Fans have been having their say on the shock news that Liverpool have parted company with Director of Football Damien Comolli earlier today.

Comolli has left the club “by mutual consent” with fans trying to work out what this message means from the club’s owners, Fenway Sports Group.

Was Comolli pulling his weight at Liverpool? Was there a power struggle between him and Kenny Dalglish? Did he overpay on the signings Dalglish wanted him to make?

We’ve heard from a few fans from our Liverpool FC forums below. Let us know what you think in the comments below, on our forums, on Twitter @thisisanfield or on Facebook.

Don’t know what hes done at the club be it right or wrong. All i know is he was overpaid. supereddman98

A bit surprised its happened now but will show Fenway aren’t gonna piss about. Do I feel a bit sorry for the bloke? A little. I think he tried his best but was a bit out of his depth as a Director of Football. Was I comfortable with him being here? If I am honest, not really. Maybe a change in direction is on the way… RichLFC

Ridiculous timing two days before a big game. This should have been done at season end. wozza

Unexpected – I personally think Kenny is out as well. Xaenicael

I’m usually not a fan of these sporting roles at the club and I wasn’t convinced by Comolli. We can’t judge on Comolli’s work that much as we don’t see what’s happening behind the scenes. He’s had a responsibility for transfers of course, but who knows what really happened now. Can’t say how I feel right now – we’ll just have to wait and see what they intend to do. Zoky

It may show that some of Comolli’s decisions have been criticised internally since some time, maybe he’s paying for the big money signings not working out this season, or because of his lack of action in January, or also his lack of intelligence during the Suarez affair? Maybe also the working together with Kenny wasn’t too good lately, who knows? In any case, this is most probably an indication on how the owners see reponsabilty for the club’s current plight. It’s not the gaffer who gets the sack, but the DoF. Unusual, but in this case, a more sensible move than the opposite would have been. Hope in your heart

Quite bizarre that the Football Club which desperately needs long-term strategy and continuity, has removed the person appointed and promoted to implement such a strategy – all inside 18 months. The LFC soap opera continues. Matt

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