Scousers All Over The World: Sheffield, United Kingdom

Scousers All Over The World is a series of interviews with Reds fans born and bred in Liverpool, and now reside elsewhere for whatever reasons.

Today we don’t have to fly too far from the nest that is Anfield to meet Liverpool fan Alan Seasman, born in Kirkby and, having traveled around England a fair bit, is settled in Sheffield.

Sheffield, United Kindom

What’s your name, what do you do and where do you live now?

I’m Alan Seasman. I work in Regeneration trying to make sure that people live in homes and places that are a bit better than Kirkby. I live in Sheffield, in Nick Clegg’s constituency actually, but that’s not my fault.

How did you end up leaving Liverpool – and how did you end up where you are now?

I left to go to University in Sheffield after A levels at Ruffwood Comprehensive. It was a bit of a culture shock but Sheffield is full of very friendly people who have always made me feel at home. Despite living in Manchester, (hard when you’re scouse!) and Birmingham, I settled in Sheffield and married a girl from Wigan!

How long have you supported Liverpool, why do you support the Reds and what was your first game at Anfield?

Well my Dad was a Liverpool fan, and watched them through the Liddlepool years and on. Although we have our fair share of Everton fans in the familymy Dad made sure I was a Red and I’m lucky enough to have been a red for 5 European cups and 7 finals. My first real memories are the ’71 cup final against Arsenal and that pigging Charlie George goal in extra time. In the job I’m in now, I had to sit a test in the office of a man who had a big picture of Charlie George splayed on his back after scoring. Quite a distraction. I was about 5 at the time and had to wait until 2001 and Michael Owen to get that one out of the system. My first game was v Ipswich in January 1976. I think it was a birthday present visit and ended 3-3.

What are your memories of the city of Liverpool? Where were your favourite places?

When I left the city was probably in the worst state it had ever been in. Things were proper grim, but it remained a place of amazing grandeur that very few cities can match. I don’t think you really appreciate that until you leave. As for favourite places, I suppose buying records in Probe was alawys an adventure in itself.

Do you ever make it to Liverpool matches anymore?

Work, family distance and cost make this a very rare occurrence, plus it’s quite hard to get a ticket! I’ve taken my son to pre-season friendlies but it’s his sister who’s more keen to go.

Do you also follow a more local team where you live now?

Err…no. Sheffield can rightly claim to be the birthplace of football with Sheffield Hallam and Sheffield Club with strong claims to be the oldest clubs in existence. Sheffield Club can claim to have invented the rules on handball, free kicks, corners, and throw ins.

I’ve no desire to watch the Owls or Blades. Despite the school taking my son to Bramall Lane and being given a shirt by Tony Currie he remains ambivalent about the local football offer. My daughter has had a wobble when Torres left but when I explained the same thing happend to me when Keegan left and we replaced him with Dalglish she’s sticking with the Reds. Mr Suarez has a lot to live up to.

What do you miss most about Anfield match days?

Actually, really, being amongst like minded souls. The same thing that everyone goes to football for, I suppose.

Where do you watch Liverpool games now? At home? In a pub? With a supporters club?

In a pub, with other exiles.

And finally, around where you live now, is there much support for Liverpool? What other Premier League teams are big there?

Not really. And that’s how it should be. Given the state of football in Sheffield it has to be said the attendances they get for third division football is quite remarkable.

Thanks for joining us, Alan.

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