Kenny Dalglish breaks silence on t-shirt-gate and sacking

Support Suarez tshirtFormer Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish has revealed that the idea to wear t-shirts in support of Reds striker Luis Suarez after the Uruguayan had been accused of racism last season was not his.

Speaking to radio station talkSPORT, Dalglish also spoke about the club’s decision to dismiss him this summer following a poor Premier League season.

Asked whether the way the club handled the allegations that Suarez had used a racist term towards Manchester Utd defender Patrice Evra cost him his job, Dalglish said, “I don’t think so. That was up to the owners.

“I can go to sleep at night knowing what I did I did to the best of my ability and if that does not come up to their expectations or they want to go in another direction – they own the club.

“The owners made the decision they thought was best for the club.

“They don’t want to make a decision which is detrimental to the club because if they did that they would hang themselves because they have a huge investment in it.

“I think anything that is not done in a positive manner cannot help you but I was only the manager.

“There are other people with greater intelligence than me and greater responsibilities than me when it comes to something like this.”

Liverpool came under immense criticism for warming up for a league game against Wigan wearing t-shirts in support of Suarez. Suarez was later found guilty of using a racist term, fined and banned for 8 games.

Dalglish added, “The T-shirts were the players wanting to show their support for a team-mate.

“It might have been misguided and not have been right but it was not me who decided it.

“A lot of things were misguided, misinterpreted and misrepresented.

“I was always brought up to tell the truth and what I believed to be the truth I said.

“If it ever came up again I would do it differently – I would be less helpful and less forthcoming and I think that is sad.”

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