Sterling sets the record straight on Twitter rumours

In a superb interview with The Mirror newspaper, Liverpool youngster Raheem Sterling has set the record straight on rumours surrounding his private life.

Raheem Sterling

“Some of the stuff you see is unbelievable. I’ve read stuff that I’ve got five kids and another on the way. It’s just crazy and it’s completely wrong,” explained Sterling.

The article states he has one daughter, Melody Rose, born seven months ago after a brief relationship.

Sterling also discussed the infamous scene in Being: Liverpool where manager Brendan Rodgers thought he heard him say something out of term. “He [Rodgers] thought I said something, which I didn’t, and we’ve got it cleared up.”

“I got a lot of stick on Twitter from fans. You can’t change what people think about you. But I’m not big-headed, I’m not flash or anything like that.”

The 18 year-old, who recently signed a long-term contract at Liverpool, also provides wonderful insight into the role of captain Steven Gerrard, explaining how he has helped him both on and off the pitch.

“He’s always looking after me, on the pitch, off the pitch.

“He looked after me when I first joined the club, got into the team and when I was looking for somewhere to live. He’s an inspiration and a great captain.”

Opinion: This kind of interview is great to see and it is good that Liverpool FC are encouraging interviews which then allow the player to dispel rumours and speculation surrounding them. This interview follows on from the succession of interviews with Luis Suarez that sought to improve his, and the club’s, PR – albeit the Mansfield handball incident quickly negated that somewhat.

Sterling appears to have a very level head and a stable family life and is happy at Liverpool. All of which had been the subject of rumour and conjecture since he broke into the first-team earlier this season.

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