Suarez: Experienced players win championships

Striker Luis Suarez has added to the discussion surrounding Liverpool’s transfer policy by suggesting that “experienced players win championships”.

Luis Suarez

Speaking to FOX Sports Argentina, Suarez said “I am one who thinks that [success] does not depend on individual players, but the whole team. The mentality is that young players win matches and experienced players win championships.”

Suarez’s comments come after captain Steven Gerrard criticised the policy last week. Gerrard said “I disagree with the policy to be honest. I’ve seen many signings throughout the world who have gone to clubs at the age of 28, 29 or even older and done fantastic jobs.

“To be successful at this level you need to get the mix right.”

In the interview, Suarez also commented on the treatment he receives from the British media. He explained the handball goal that was allowed against Mansfield.

“I realize that Suarez sells. Because the other day, I accidentally hit a ball with my hand and had no desire to make the goal and hit it in. And because I kissed my wrist, people began to criticize.”

Suarez, kisses the tattoo of his daughter’s name on his wrist after every goal he scores. Not that that got in the way of the gutter journalism in this country.

Suarez said “United control most of the press here, they have a lot of power here and the press will always be of help to them.”

Good lad, Luis!

Suarez quotes translated by @AccioMaria.

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