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Our US-based reporter Mark Longham had a go at a new craze that’s sweeping across sport fans in America – StatClash.

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We all love our fantasy football and the eagerness to get bragging rights in the office come Monday as if selecting the 11 best-performing Premier League players in one season makes you a footballing guru.

But it can sometimes be a labour of love – constantly readjusting your team, making bad signings and for what? A pot of gold come May, which seems a long, long way off.

I recently came across StatClash. It’s only for US-based football and sport fans and it provides a different, more exciting and pulsating take on fantasy sports.

Instead of playing out your fantasy league team across a whole season, StatClash allows fans to play out the excitement of a season in just one day. All the usual highs and lows are thrown in along the way.

Contests can bee played against friends, or other users and are short-term, meaning you’re not stuck with a player who breaks his leg and is ruled out for the rest of the season!

StatClash challenges you to pick players in your fantasy team, then uses real time stats to tally up how they’re doing throughout the contest. The player with the most points at the end of the contest wins. Simple!

There’s prizes to be won, and if you become an expert in picking the highest-performing sport players of the day, there’s some serious money to be earned too.

It’s fun, it’s rewarded, and it’s definitely not as tiresome as a season-long fantasy league!

Have a look at StatClash now >>

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