Reports: Liverpool to bid for Mohamed Salah

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Liverpool are finally “ready” to bid for Egyptian winger Mohamad Salah, according to numerous reports on Monday.

The Reds have been linked with a move for the 21-year-old throughout January but Basel’s asking price has reportedly been the stumbling block.

The news is reported by most mainstream media outlets, such as ESPN:

Reports suggest that the Swiss champions want around £12 million for Salah, a price Liverpool would be unwilling to pay. But sources have told ESPN that Liverpool are prepared to bid around £7 million.

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That the Salah news is reported by every mainstream media outlet, suggests the ‘information’ has been leaked with a reason – quite possibly to provide some positive PR after the disappointing draw to Villa.

Given Liverpool’s woeful defensive frailties and abundance of attacking talents, the pursuit of Salah appears a bizarre one when other areas are far more pressing in the current squad.

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