“I’m not an actor” – Jurgen Klopp reflects on ‘rant’ interview after Merseyside derby

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Following scrutiny of his interview with Sky Sports directly after Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Everton on Sunday, Jurgen Klopp has explained his stance.

Klopp shared a contentious exchange with Sky Sports’ Patrick Davison in the aftermath of the Reds’ Merseyside derby draw on Sunday.

The German questioned the reporter’s “understanding of football,” after it was posed to him that Dejan Lovren‘s foul on Everton striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin warranted the equalising penalty.

Speaking two days on, ahead of Liverpool’s Premier League clash with West Brom, Klopp reflected on an issue blown out of proportion.

“[If you] ask if I would give the same interview now, I think the information I had to give would be the same,” he said.

“But of course now I’m completely relaxed, it was five minutes after the game, so I was not relaxed.

“It’s always the same: you look in the eyes of the journalist, you see he’s not interested in what you feel, and that sometimes feels not that cool.

“That’s why I reacted then how I reacted. I didn’t use any words I have to take back or whatever.

“I don’t like it but I’m pretty sure I cannot change it, because I felt like this in that moment.

“I’m not an actor, so I cannot act differently.

“But meanwhile I can keep myself that calm that nothing serious happens in situations like this, it’s just an interview!

“I don’t think that anybody really remembers it, to be honest, or watched back and said ‘oh my god, that was hilarious’, or ‘legendary’. It was just an interview, nothing else.”

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