Watch: Why do football fans boycott the Sun newspaper?

16 April 2018

Amid the ongoing search for ultimate truth and justice surrounding the Hillsborough disaster, one newspaper is continually boycotted not just by Liverpool supporters, but by football fans following all manner of teams.

A touching and insightful documentary by Ball Street speaks to both those affected by events in Sheffield back in 1989 and also to fans of other clubs.

Several speak out on the damage done by the printed word after the disaster, the unspeakable lies published and why the hurt continues through to this day.

Respected journalists, campaigners and members of independent supporters groups from different clubs explain exactly why they refuse to buy the newspaper—and why others should follow suit.

The documentary features recollections and opinions from the likes of Jonathan Norcroft of the Times, James Pearce of the Echo and Margaret Aspinall of the Hillsborough Family Support Group.

It’s eye-opening viewing for some who perhaps aren’t aware of the ongoing history behind the boycott—and a reminder to others who already do so of precisely why it’s important to educate others properly on the matter.

Well worth a watch and share, especially for those who are unsure of the reasons for the boycott.

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