At home with Jurgen: Klopp on movies, Tiger King, squad banter and learning new things

A new interview with Jurgen Klopp about life in lockdown has revealed some new facts and new photos of the boss!

In an interview with LFCTV released on Friday, Klopp detailed his life at home during the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We find out that one of the challenges he has set himself during this time is to finally learn how to tie a tie at age 52!

“It will take me two weeks, my hands are completely useless,” he jokes.

“I learn a lot of new things, but I still cannot sing.”

But, he does say he is “the master of the machine” now he is on washing up duty, and that he has made his first scrambled eggs!

Like the rest of us, Klopp is trying to find ways to keep physically fit during life in lockdown and he isn’t usually a fan of running, saying he finds running a treadmill boring.

“I (have) enjoyed running outside a lot, (I’m running) pretty much every day and I’ve improved my time! I ordered a running watch. I felt on fire!”

The boss also revealed how he sent a video of the scenes from the Champions League celebration parade last summer to the squad Whatsapp with the caption “still true” – reminding them and all of us that Liverpool are still the Champions Of Europe!

With a lot more time on his hands, Klopp has been getting into some new television shows and movies too, including Downton Abbey and Iron Man.

The boss, though, prefers silly movies like Waterboy and Dumb and Dumber, which we could probably have expected from the charismatic German.

“A good movie is like a holiday for your mind,” he brilliantly says. “If the movie’s that good, you cannot find about anything else, you don’t have your smartphone around, that’s what I really enjoy.”

One show that’s got the world talking during lockdown has been Netflix’s Tiger King, but Klopp says he’s yet to watch it but has read about it: “I’m not sure why you want to see it.”

Finally, there’s talk on reconnecting with old friends and sharing photos from childhood and younger days.

“I’m socially connecting with people I didn’t speak with in a long time. My friends are surprised how in it I am. We have a classmates group, my cousin started with baby photos, then the classmates were shooting (photos) like crazy. It was wonderful.”

It’s great to see that Jurgen is just like the rest of us; trying to learn new skills, challenging himself to run, watching new TV shows, reconnecting with friends.

Finally, he says that the images of him from his youth can be shared, because: “In hard times, if people can laugh about me, no problem.”

What a man.