How Liverpool fans celebrated Premier League title win around the world

Liverpool fans the world over have been celebrating becoming Premier League champions—a party which has been decades in the making for patient supporters.

We’ve all seen the videos of the squad celebrating—a much-deserved party for those boys.

There have been plenty of images shown, too, of the scenes outside Anfield on Thursday night, as the Reds won the title without even being on the pitch.

But the delight and desire to celebrate has a far bigger reach when it comes to Liverpool, and fans across the entire globe have been indulging in releasing their emotions which have waited 30 years for this moment.

Of course, around the world doesn’t have to just mean thousands of miles away…Reds celebrated a title win from Bolton to Boston, and everywhere in between.

But somewhat further afield, cultures and countries are united by their love for the Reds, their awe of Anfield and their joy at becoming Premier League champions.


Plenty gathered in groups, from Spain to Nigeria, America to east Asia…–ebiAn4R/


Others celebrated in their own unique way…


Our friends on the other side of the planet had a double reason to celebrate…


This group of supporters deserve enormous respect for directing their celebrations toward helping others in need…


…and finally, one fan celebrated by producing a banner we’re very much looking forward to seeing on the Kop next season some time!

Liverpool FC, Champions of England, supported all over the world. Oh, we’re champions of that, too!