Liverpool squad bounces and Harvey Elliott gets his medal on night “for our amazing fans”

Liverpool are champions of everything. Liverpool have the trophies of everything. The silverware we’ve missed, the Premier League itself, is adorned and bedecked in red ribbons.

An incredible Anfield occasion, during a period of no fans being allowed inside stadiums, simply could not have been done any better.

The long-awaited celebration, 30 years in the making, was extremely well put-together by all involved and the players themselves have ensured it’s a night which won’t be forgotten.

And we probably shouldn’t ignore the fact than an absolutely ridiculous match was played, with the Reds edging Chelsea by a couple of goals among eight.

It started with a guard of honour, there were incredible goals to be witnessed and the Reds reached the particularly poignant total of 96 points, as Andy Robertson himself noted:

But even while the game was incredible, it was all about the afterparty, really.

Jordan Henderson explained to the club site that the togetherness and friendships within the squad were the most vital component, which allowed the side to fight for each other and to win in those most difficult of moments:

“That’s the most important thing – it’s a team. Of course, you’re going to have individuals that perform but the most important thing is the team.

“We’re always there together for each other, it’s a really close group – as you can see – and that’s off the field and on the field.

“It makes a massive difference and it’s another thing the gaffer has brought since he’s come in: that togetherness in the dressing room.

“It has made a really big difference on the pitch.”

Virgil van Dijk echoed those sentiments on Sky Sports, saying the Reds do whatever it takes to help each other out:

“It’s a dream come true for all of us. It has been a long wait and it’s a fantastic feeling to say I’m a Premier League champion.

“It’s very difficult to stay as consistent as we were this year. The focus that the manager has brought in is that the next game is most important. We don’t focus further and that mentality helps us a lot.

“We always find a way to win.

“Those moments where we dig deep, find a way and get the result we needed – that’s the mentality we have and these football players are very special.

“In and out of the pitch everyone gets along, everyone wants to fight for each other and goes the extra yard for each other.”

And so that group, that family of footballers, had themselves a richly deserved party.

We were given a look behind the scenes in the dressing room by Adrian:

…and the players were delighted to show off the medals they’ve worked so hard to earn, on the pitch and on the training ground:

Our beautiful batch of Brazilian boys got together:

And the Trent clan followed up their Champions League photos together with another lifting the Premier League trophy:


We’ve got the best full-backs in world football, you know:

Cheers, for these two, Barcelona:

Joey Gomez is all of us!

And there were just celebrations, celebrations everywhere:

And if you really don’t want to miss a single thing, here are more than 20 minutes of close-up, middle-of-the-action involvement courtesy of Gini Wijnaldum!

Just look at this haul. Drink it in. Remember how they were won. And never complain about a lack of success again!

Enjoy it Reds—the players certainly did. Liverpool are champions of the Premier League…and everything else.