Name those players! The 79 Reds to play in League Cup under Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool’s League Cup exploits under Jurgen Klopp have taken them to Wembley and semi-finals, but can you name the 79 players has he used in the competition to date?

It has always been levelled at Klopp that the domestic cups are not high on his priority list and yet he has led Liverpool to three League Cup semi-finals in six years.

Few Reds could fault his approach over the years and it has made for plenty of players to be called upon in the competition.

To be exact, 79 players have taken to the field in the League Cup since Klopp took the top job at Anfield, with a certain No. 1 adding his name to the list only recently.

We’ve given you the player’s nationality and the number of appearances in the competition to help you out, and you’ll need to dig deep into the memory for some names.

79 players to name…GO!

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