No luck here & the ref ‘was in blue…’ – 3 things fans are talking about after CL qualification

It was far from vintage Liverpool against Inter Milan but two goals at the San Siro proved enough for Jurgen Klopp‘s side as another Champions League quarter-final awaits.

The Reds had a healthy 2-0 advantage heading into the second leg at Anfield and were unlucky not to have added to their tally having hit the crossbar and both uprights on Tuesday.

Inter did their best to hinder Liverpool’s plan but a well-struck goal from Lautaro Martinez would only be a consultation in the end as the Reds saw out the night without further issue.

There was a particular thought that Klopp’s men were the lucky ones but metrics do not suggest as much, and if there was a match to lose by 1-0 it was certainly this one.

From Virgil van Dijk to maintaining perspective, here are a few talking points that remain among fans across social media.


The force of Virg

The Inter forward did score in the end with a beautifully hit shot, but much like the first leg had a clear awareness of Virgil van Dijk‘s prowess.

At the San Siro, Lautaro Martinez all but did a u-turn when in a one-on-one with the Dutchman and at Anfield, in the first half, gave up on the run before even giving it a chance.

A particular highlight in what was, after all, a scrappy game from the Reds:

In the end, though, it is probably what urged Martinez to unleash his shot for the goal as quickly as possible, with Van Dijk first trying to show him the other side.


What’s left to say about the ref…

Antonio Mateu Lahoz was the man in the middle and it was quite the showing, and not for the right reasons…

Just when you think the Premier League takes the gong!


Everyone take a breath…

It is by no means a match that any will seek to watch again and while the end of a 12-game winning streak, but over the two legs, Liverpool earned their quarter-final place.

There will always be knee-jerk reactions but if there was any game to lose 1-0, it was this one. The Reds are in two quarter-finals and are still in the race for a league title.

Can think of worse positions to be in…one only need to look across Stanley Park.

It’s all about perspective. Up the Reds!