Jurgen Klopp refuses to answer question from Liverpool journalist – “You know why”

In a moment that can perhaps be summed up as ‘cracks beginning to show’, Jurgen Klopp refused a question from one Liverpool journalist at Molineux.

It is fair to assume that Klopp was not in the best of moods after Liverpool’s 3-0 defeat to Wolves.

But he attended his post-match press conference as normal, in line with a manager’s media obligations after any Premier League game.

However, when put to him by one journalist that the Reds had again started slowly – in a game that saw them concede twice in the first 11 minutes – Klopp took exception.

“It’s really difficult to talk to you if I’m 100 percent honest,” he interrupted.

“I would prefer not to do that. You know why, for all the things you wrote.

“If somebody else wants to ask that question then I’ll answer it.”

On the face of it, it is hard to see why Klopp would have shown such ferocity the journalist in particular, with coverage of the campaign of late decidedly balanced.

This should perhaps be seen more as a show of frustration from the manager at a time when he is under intense pressure.

As a club, Liverpool are in a period of sheer uncertainty, with their abject performances on the pitch clouded by the owners’ lack of clarity on their attempts to sell up.

Klopp is presiding over a squad plagued by injuries and in desperate need of a revamp, and is only halfway through a season that appears to be only getting worse.