Liverpool fans already have an Alexis Mac Allister song – created by AI!

With Alexis Mac Allister joining Liverpool, there is already a song for the new signing, and it was created in an unusual way.

Liverpool fans are famed for their musical creativity, but the latest song to do the rounds has come from a very different source.

Mac Allister’s move to Merseyside has been accompanied by great excitement, with one fan even turning to ChatGPT to create a celebratory tune for the incoming midfielder.

You may think it difficult for AI to come up with something worthy of acknowledgement, but this latest creation is surprisingly catchy.

The lyrics, that go to the tune of 1990s dance classic Ecuador, by German DJ Sash!, was originally in Spanish, so it is fitting to serenade the Argentine midfielder.

Here are the words that go with the tune:

Jurgen said I’ve seen ya, winning with Argentina,
I need a centre-mid too, and so he sent a bid through,
And now we’ve got Alexis, Alexis is majestic,
Mac Allister is magic, he’s Red and it’s fantastic

It is unlikely the song ever ends up on the Kop, as it definitely wouldn’t fit with the old tradition of fans coming up with songs naturally on away trips or in pubs.

However, it certainly rivals or improves on most other Liverpool songs that go viral on social media!

In the long term, AI’s ability to produce music should be considered a worry for creatives and society in general, but that doesn’t stop this Mac Allister song getting stuck in our heads.