10 best goals scored AGAINST Liverpool at Anfield

It is never nice to see the opposition score against Liverpool at Anfield but there are times when all you can do is applaud and appreciate what you’ve just witnessed.

The Reds have a knack for seeing opposition players end their goalscoring drought or score their first goal at Anfield, it truly is a gift of the unwanted variety.

But there are also occasions whereby all supporters can do is applaud and appreciate, even if it was at the hands of the visiting team.

Anfield has witnessed worldies from near and far over the decades, and we thought it was only right to reflect on the top 10 goals scored against Liverpool at Anfield – in no particular order!


Patrick Vieira (Arsenal) – 2004

This was an Arsenal side firing on all cylinders, purring and poised to inflict damage with the likes of Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira.

And it was the latter who was responsible for one of the finest team goals scored against the Reds, one with pace and precision.

The midfielder started the move and sliced through the defence with ease before showing plenty of composure for a clipped finish.

It would not see them leave Anfield with any points, though. Thanks to Neil Mellor!


Dominique Bathenay (Saint-Etienne) – 1977

Saint-Etienne is one of the most memorable and dramatic nights in Liverpool’s history, one that is passed on from one generation to the next – akin to how Barcelona of 2019 will be remembered.

This contest was not short on goals but theirs was a beauty. A powerful drive through midfield from Dominique Bathenay saw him capitalise on the space gifted to him with a rocket from distance.

It had power and swerve, enough to beat Ray Clemence but not Liverpool on the night.


Phil Jagielka (Everton) – 2014

Phil Jagielka had never nor would he ever hit a ball as cleanly as he did on this occasion, and of course, it just had to be at Anfield.

A centre-back, in injury time, a half-volley without breaking stride and it went straight into the top corner in a Merseyside derby. It had to be seen to be believed – and yet, we still cannot believe it.


Victor Wanyama (Tottenham) – 2018

When a strike is this good you simply have to applaud, there can be no denying the finesse of the strike and the power behind it.

It is the type of goal those wishing to play for Liverpool dream of scoring in front of the Kop, and, of course, it had to Victor Wanyama – who scored just 11 times in England.

Truly one of the best opposition goals at Anfield.


Erik Edman (Tottenham) – 2005

In all his time at Tottenham, Erik Edman did not score before nor after this one – typical Liverpool luck.

A one in a thousands hit, we might even be generous there, but it may just be the cleanest strike of any from an opposing player at Anfield – you could hardly see it as it moved that fast.

From just over 40 yards out, it screamed ‘hit and hope’ but Edman stunned everyone, and probably himself, with its accuracy and power nestling perfectly into the top corner.


Phil Jevons (Grimsby) – 2001

The circumstances certainly elevate this goal, but the strike is more than worthy of being thrust into the spotlight. It was a thunderbolt.

Grimsby forced Liverpool, the holders, into extra time in the Worthington Cup, and in injury time Phil Jevons – an Evertonian – popped up with a scorching 30-yard shot that nestled beautifully under the crossbar from an angle.

Chris Kirkland was stunned, the Reds were stunned and we’re sure Jevons was too!


Marc Overmars (Barcelona) – 2001

You will not find this one rivalling others in this list for the strike alone, but when we talk about team goals this one is right up there.

Like the Reds against Hoffenheim in 2017, Barcelona dished out similar treatment in 2001 as they put together a quick 27-pass sequence before opening up space for Marc Overmars to capitalise.

Death by a thousand cuts.


Laurent Robert (Newcastle) – 2004

The only free-kick in this list, but you will find it is not hard to see why.

Liverpool knew the danger of giving Laurent Robert a chance from the dead ball – so did the crowd as his strikes were hit with venom but not always with accuracy.

He had the latter on this occasion, though, with a low-driven hit from distance and at an angle destined for the net as soon as it left his boot.


Eden Hazard (Chelsea) – 2018

There is no debate to be had when it comes to Liverpool’s No. 11 and Eden Hazard, but we can certainly appreciate the individual brilliance from the former Chelsea man.

He made Liverpool’s defence look like training cones with his quick feet, slaloming into the box with ease before unleashing an unstoppable strike.


Graeme Sharp (Everton) – 1984

Unfortunately, another from an Evertonian, but it’s one that is worthy of acclaim.

Graeme Sharp was responsible for this derby bullet, his half-volley taken on his right after an exquisite first touch on his left.

It won goal of the season and it is not hard to see why.

Any others that should have made the cut? Let us know in the comments below!