Diogo Jota responds to Alan Shearer over “embarrassing” dive criticism

Diogo Jota has responded to criticism from Alan Shearer and other pundits over criticism for an alleged dive against Newcastle on New Year’s Day.

Liverpool were 3-2 up against Newcastle when Jota won a penalty in the 86th minute. Mo Salah scored to wrap the win up at Anfield, but Jota came in for plenty of criticism for his decision to go down in the area.

The incident in question saw the Portuguese go around goalkeeper Martin Dubravka before going down, due to being clipped by the ‘keeper with a gaping goal in front of him.

Plenty of pundits had their say after the match, but perhaps the most critical was former Newcastle striker Shearer.

On Twitter, he called Jota “f**king embarrassing,” before later adding on The Rest of Football podcast: “Yeah, he f**king dived” and “that is as clear a dive you will ever see.”

Jota has now responded, though didn’t call out Shearer by name. He told reporters, including Ian Doyle of the Liverpool Echo: “Listen, of course I saw some comments from ex-players and people who are paid to talk about situations.

“The only thing I can say is even the keeper said it was a touch and I didn’t feel the conditions to stay up. So that’s it.

“Would I rather put the ball in the net than see Mo (Salah) take a penalty? Yes, of course. That’s what I like to do, to score goals. That’s all I have to say.”

Jota was clearly clipped and, while he did manage to keep his footing for a couple of steps, his momentum meant he couldn’t stay up, from his perspective anyway.

Even Newcastle‘s goalkeeper, Dubravka, admitted “it was a penalty.”

The reason Shearer and some of his fellow pundits have been criticised is the hypocrisy that many supporters have noticed when talking about diving incidents, something Salah has also been the victim of.

Sheared did acknowledge that “in no way would it have affected the result, the best team won,” but also admitted he was “raw and angry” after the match.