Jurgen Klopp dances as John Barnes raps! – Inside Liverpool FC’s farewell party

Jurgen Klopp anticipated tears during the after party on Sunday evening, and while they may have come, he also showed off his dance moves as John Barnes took centre stage.

The final farewell at Anfield proved to be everything and more, a fitting send-off for a man who has written himself into Liverpool legend.

Klopp bid farewell to supporters before the players and staff joined him for an end-of-season party, and we know how much the German loves one of them!

In clips posted on social media, Klopp can be seen making his way through the crowd to join Barnes on the stage for the ‘Anfield Rap’ – they could be a double act!

Klopp stays on the stage for almost the full song, and you can bet it was not the first or last time he was there that evening.

The night also saw him joined by the players and coaches on the stage as ‘The Best’ by Tina Turner rang out, having no doubt used the opportunity to say some more heartfelt words as well.

The Titanic hotel played host to the evening’s festivities, with a sit-down meal preceding the party segment of the night – though you do wonder if Klopp was late.

The German had hours of final media commitments to fulfil before his managerial duties officially came to a close.

He even wanted a photo of the assembled press. He really is in his Instagram era now.

There is bound to be more that emerges from the night, but it is clear Klopp will have embraced every moment with a group that has helped him achieve so much.

In his final speech at Anfield, he said: “Obviously I saw a lot of people crying, that will happen to me tonight because I will miss people, that’s clear.”

And we will miss you, Jurgen!