Relive incredible Barcelona celebrations and emotional You’ll Never Walk Alone!

It is astonishing to think that one of Liverpool’s greatest-ever European nights unfolded five years ago, but the scenes from May 7, 2019 remain as emotional as they did on that glorious night.

“I said to the boys, ‘I think it’s impossible but because it’s you we have a chance.’ And we believed in this chance,” Jurgen Klopp revealed after the incredible 4-0 win.

With the Premier League title all but out of reach after Man City‘s win over Leicester only the night before and a three-goal deficit to overturn, the season was on the cusp of heartbreak.

But Anfield was not ready to accept defeat and neither were Klopp’s men, and what we witnessed on that night in 2019 will forever be etched in our memories and tales we tell future generations.

The immediate full-time scenes were simply incredible, and we will take every opportunity presented to us to relive it:

From the Kop and players breaking out into ‘Allez Allez Allez’ and then transitioning into You’ll Never Walk Alone, it was a spine-tingling moment that encapsulates what Klopp injected back into the club.

There was a dichotomy of utter disbelief and euphoria in the stands as the Reds mounted their comeback, with the passing of each goal sending fans in various emotional directions:

And once the dust had settled, it is no wonder Trent Alexander-Arnold wanted to soak up every last second of the atmosphere!

And don’t think we were not going to give you all the scenes from the stands without the highlights from the pitch, we’re not that cruel.

It all still leaves you in awe, and we would not have No. 6 without this glorious night:

What a team, what a night and what a club!