Markus Babbel, 2001 (Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport)

QUIZ – How many Liverpool players with last name starting with ‘B’ can you name?

In the continuation of our Liverpool last name alphabet series, we’ve moved on to the letter ‘B’. There have been 32 players since 1960 with a last name starting with that letter.

Your job is to try and name as many as you can.

We started with the letter ‘A‘ and will work our way through to ‘Z’, with this list comprising of 32 different players to have played for the men’s team since 1960.

The list is in alphabetical order and we’ve given you a few hints to help you on your way. And here is the criteria:

  • Must have made a competitive appearance for LFC since 1960
  • Last name must start with the letter ‘B’ – not necessarily what we see on the back of a shirt, e.g. Thiago would be in ‘A’ for Alcantara

Good luck!

How many ‘Bs’ can you name? – You have 10 minutes…

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