“Cruel and unjust” – Fans react to new ticket prices and Anfield Road allocations

Liverpool announced changes to its ticket pricing and structure for the upcoming 2023/24 season, along with a breakdown of seat allocation in the new Anfield Road Stand, leaving plenty to react to.

The club’s update included news of an end to the eight-year price freeze on home tickets for supporters, with an increase of two percent to apply to the majority of seats.

Plans for the allocation of additional seats from the new stand were also outlined, with 1,000 to go to those on the season ticket waiting list and 3,000 available for general admission.

Any increase in ticket pricing is never likely to be met with a positive reaction, but given the economic difficulties the country currently faces the response from supporters was unsurprisingly cold.

Here’s how fans reacted to the news:

Supporters union Spirit of Shankly, who were directly involved with the discussions regarding ticket pricing as per a contractual agreement, described the price increases as “cruel, unjust, unreasonable and unfair” given the cost of living crisis.

The SOS statement read: “In line with the contractual agreement, LFC did engage with the Supporters Board regarding its proposed ticket price increases.

“Whilst they are bound to consider the SB views, such matters are not subject to Fan Consent and therefore LFC retains absolute and final discretion over the determination of such matters. It is they who have decided to impose these price increases.

“To be clear, the LFC Supporters Board were unanimous in their opposition to any proposed ticket price increases and this remains our position.

“To implement any price increase during this cost of living crisis is cruel, unjust, unreasonable and unfair.”