‘Genuine’ photos of Liverpool’s new away shirt leak – BIG difference for fans and players

New photos of Liverpool’s away shirt for the 2024/25 have leaked, and are reported to be genuine, showing the big difference in player and fan versions.

Next season will be the first in which Liverpool will wear Nike shirts without Jurgen Klopp in the dugout, with it a reality that is impossible to ignore.

But while there is uncertainty over who will take over as manager at the end of the current campaign, designs for next season’s kits are already finalised.

That includes an away kit which will feature teal – in a throwback to the popular third kit from the title-winning 2019/20 campaign.

Various details on the new Nike away kit have leaked over previous months, though a video that circulated in January showcasing the design only showed a counterfeit product.

Kit enthusiast @KB2X has since shared photos of both the ‘match’ and ‘stadium’ versions of next season’s shirt, as relayed by the reliable Footy Headlines.

Footy Headlines describe @KB2X’s leak as showing “genuine Nike products,” though it is stressed that “the colours are a bit too dark and bluish due to the [lighting].”

The official colourway is reported as night forest, anthracite, washed teal and sail, which effectively means various shades of black and grey with teal and off-white details.

Most interesting is that there is a stark difference between the ‘match’ and ‘stadium’ shirts, which come with two separate price points.

The ‘stadium’ shirts are cheaper – retailing at £79.99 for the current campaign – and designed for fans, while the ‘match’ shirts – with an RRP of £124.99 this season – are those worn by the players.

In years gone by, the only noticeable difference between ‘stadium’ and ‘match’ versions of shirts would be the quality of the materials.

But now there is a genuine contrast in the design, too, with the ‘match’ version featuring an all-over embossed pattern while the ‘stadium’ version appears to be plain.

This is not the first instance of this, with the current third kit featuring different shades of purple, a different pattern and even a rubberised badge, rather than stitched on.

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It should be noted that these leaks are not official, with the club not expected to release their new away kit until June, but they are claimed to be genuine.