A general aerial view of Anfield, Kop end. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Anfield regeneration to continue with plans for £4 million upgrade

As Liverpool’s stadium nears the end of its latest expansion, the regeneration of the area surrounding it is the focus of an exciting £4 million scheme.

Anfield and its surrounding area has changed a lot in recent years, but there are still plenty of upgrades yet to come to fruition, commercially and for the general public.

Further regeneration could soon be on the cards as Liverpool City Council are to launch a public consultation this month showcasing how the main road leading to the stadium is to be upgraded.

It is the latest project in the area following on from the stadium, new homes, shops and community facilities, with this particular revamp focusing on the main high street.

As per Liverpool City Council, the focus is on “creating a greener and safer experience for residents and visitors,” with “a visually more appealing and healthier public street scene” a priority.

The upgrades in question for the consultation centre around Walton Breck Road, Oakfield Road, Pulford Street, Back Rockfield Road and Gilman Street (as pictured above).

Proposals aim to improve walking routes, create wider footpaths, install new landscaping and public realm features, in addition to new trees and underground bins.

Another focus is to reduce the speed limit on Walton Breck Road from 30mph to 20mph to improve safety – this is the road that runs parallel to the Kop.

Outline designs will be on display to the public on three different days (May 22, May 23, June 12), and feedback will help shape plans before work begins on delivering the scheme next spring.

As for the Anfield Square, the plot of land opposite the club shop on Walton Breck Road (above), news of the way forward is expected to be published in the summer.

While not directly linked to Liverpool FC, it is exciting to see the area surrounding the stadium receiving much-needed attention.