Kyle Walker has just proved Trent Alexander-Arnold right – it does ‘mean more’

Trent Alexander-Arnold caused quite the stir when he said Liverpool’s trophies “mean more to our fans” than they do Man City, and Kyle Walker has now proved him right.

City players had quickly looked to respond to Alexander-Arnold’s comments from earlier in the season, when he insisted “our trophies will mean more to us and our fanbase.”

“How both clubs have built their teams and the manner in which we’ve done it, probably means more to our fans,” the Scouser added, really making sure his point came across.

His comments were picked apart and scrutinised, and now Walker has all but proved he was right all along – not that we ever disagreed with the No. 66!

When asked by Sky Sports ‘if you won the Euros with England, would it mean more than the treble with City?’, Walker responded: “Yeah, I think so. I actually do.

“If you said a certain trophy, it would have been an easy answer for me. To do a treble, what we achieved – only one other team has done it – so it’s quite unique.

“But to win something for your country, you’re on a different scale. To walk around my hometown and know I’ve brought a European championship back to this country, it would mean a lot.

“As hard as the question is, I’d have to say winning something with England [would mean more].”

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 25, 2024: Jurgen Klopp manager of Liverpool celebrates after the Football League Cup Final match between Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC at Wembley Stadium. (Photo by Peter Powell/Propaganda)

Quite why there was such a reaction to Alexander-Arnold’s words is quite the mystery after these comments, it evidently does mean more! It always has.

In support of Alexander-Arnold’s comments, Jurgen Klopp said at the time: “One of our slogans, that I love, is ‘this means more’.

“It means more to us. This club is special to us. So if we feel it, why shouldn’t we be allowed to say it? I am not really interested [in outside opinions]. It’s just how he feels.”