QUIZ: 10 questions on Jurgen Klopp – how well do you know his Liverpool FC career?

As Jurgen Klopp‘s time in charge at Liverpool FC comes to a close, we want to test you on how well you remember his career at Anfield – think you can get all 10 questions right?

The end of an era is upon us, with Klopp leaving the club after nearly nine years of incredible moments and memories.

He arrived as the ‘Normal One’ and leaves as a Liverpool legend, embodying all the club stands for and returning much-needed success to our trophy cabinets.

To decide on his own steam that this season was to be his last speaks volumes of what he has accomplished at this club, and it will be odd to see another man in his seat next season.

How we are at this point already is hard to comprehend, Klopp’s unveiling on October 8, 2015, does not feel that long ago.

We hope you’ve savoured every moment under Jurgen, enough that you can correctly answer all 10 of our questions below!

10 questions in 5 minutes…GO!

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