QUIZ – Name every country Liverpool have played in!

Liverpool have played in 39 different countries across all competitions, far foreign lands that have made for countless memories and memorable moments.

The Reds’ success domestically opened up a whole new world on the continent and further afield, with almost every corner of the world having seen the Reds play competitively.

And that is what this quiz is all about.

While the club have ventured far and wide for pre-season and commercial obligations, here we are only concerned about competitive outings.

We’ve given you a couple of clues to assist, some more straightforward than others, but the rest is up to you. You have 39 different countries to name and 10 minutes to do so.

* Note: While Liverpool may have played a club from a certain country, they might have played elsewhere

Good luck!

39 countries in 10 minutes…GO!

* Information via LFCHistory.net

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