Introducing This Is Anfield’s new video partnership: Live debates & insight

What do you get when you mix Liverpool FC, interesting debates and two brilliant presenters? The answer is This Is Anfield’s new video partnership.

This week we launched our new partnership with Gareth Roberts and Paul Cope from The Late Challenge podcast.

Our new weekly talk show, ‘Live at 5‘ is live every Monday on This Is Anfield‘s YouTube channel at 5pm (UK).

Our second show will take a more deep-dive into LFC topics and debates, which airs each Wednesday, again on This Is Anfield YouTube.

Both shows are also available as audio-only via the This Is Anfield podcast feed..

The first two episodes have already thrown up quite the discussion points, from “a massive overthink from Jurgen” over his reaction to his song being sung at Anfield to a debate on if “there is a coaching issue at our club.”

And it will be interesting to see if you agree with Gareth and Paul’s assessment on VAR in the Premier League and if the ‘clear and obvious’ threshold needs to be binned.

Somehow we don’t think this will be the last time the officials are discussed, if the first two weeks of the season are anything to go by!

As for the Wednesday show, the topic will change each and every week and this time the theme was all about ‘My Liverpool Firsts‘ – from the first game, first time on the Kop and first Cup finals attended.

Gareth also shared what is was like being at Jurgen’s first press conference, and how it was interviewing the boss for the first time.

We want to hear your thoughts and experiences alongside Gareth and Paul’s, just as Jamie Carragher did when it came to that penalty in the 2001 League Cup final, so be sure to get involved!

Live At 5‘ is a new show from This Is Anfield and The Late Challenge Podcast, with Gareth Roberts and Paul Cope as hosts.

The live show will air each Monday at 5pm (UK) on This Is Anfield’s YouTube, with our second show each Wednesday (UK).

You can also listen as an audio show, here.