Arne Slot embracing challenge as Jurgen Klopp’s successor: “I look at it as ideal”

Jurgen Klopp still casts a shadow at Liverpool and it was no surprise to see Arne Slot asked about taking over from the German, a challenge he is embracing with a mindset fans will appreciate.

The new era at Liverpool is officially underway, with Friday heralding the start of pre-season as several players reported back alongside Slot and Co.

Klopp is still on the mind of many, most notably the press, with Slot inundated with questions pertaining to him taking over from who many consider an irreplaceable manager.

And while he eluded to it ahead of his first press conference, the Dutchman continues to take the challenge in his stride as he flipped the script on its head regarding his title as Klopp’s successor.

Asked if replacing the German was something he had to mull over before taking the job, Slot told reporters: “No, not at all actually.

“You can look at it both ways, you can look at it that yeah, they are big shoes to fill, but you can also look at it that you inherited a squad and a team that has a winning culture.

“And one of the reasons to come here, and there are always more reasons for this, is that I do feel we have a really good team, a real good squad.

“As a manager, you want to work at a club where there are good players with the opportunity to win something. The past has shown that there is a possibility for Liverpool to win some trophies.

“You can look at it in a way of being the successor of someone who is really successful, but I look at it in a way that is ideal because there is an opportunity to win something.

“I like to work with players, I like to develop them, but I like to win as well. There’s an opportunity at this club to win.”

Klopp played a key role in embracing the change from him to Slot, bellowing out a rendition of ‘Arne Slot Na Na Na Na Na’ on his final Anfield appearance, a move the Dutchman appreciated.

“We spoke about many things, but I think it’s normal that the things we have spoken about stay between us.

“Him singing a song for me was special. I don’t think there are many managers the fans sing for, but I was fortunate enough after a few years at Feyenoord they started to sing for me.

“Now coming over here without having worked here yet, without winning a game, already fans are singing for you. That’s a good start.”